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Open Pull Requests

Adding a variable to allow the declaration of the next-server IP

We use the parameters variable to have next-server statement which is used to specify the host address of the server from which the initial boot file (specified in the filename statement) is to be loaded (TFTP). Server-name is a numeric IP address on our primary DataCenter. Will be very helpful for us if this variable can be added and we can use fully the externale module:

dhcpd::host { 'vh16-la':
mac => 'AC:1F:6B:41:6C:FA',
ip => 'vh16-la.vlan3',
options => { 'host-name' => 'vh16-la'},
parameters => { 'next-server' => ''},


add parameters option for hosts

Pull Request (PR) description

A parameters option should be added to the host resource. There are some use-cases in which this can be very helpful if you want to overwrite global parameters for a single host. (for instance the filename parameter) This implementation is very flexible.
Thank you in advance!

Allow passing hostnames to $dhcp::host::ip

Pull Request (PR) description

This changes the $ip validation so that you can use a valid fqdn value in addition to ipv4 and ipv6 to determine which IP should be allocated to a host. This uses DNS lookups based on the fqdn in the fixed-address field. The result is that you can manage all of your IP allocation from DNS instead of having to duplicate the same information in DHCP.

I also added an optional parameter that allows you to specify the max-lease-time in the each DHCP pools scope, which will override the default value in dhcpd.conf. This allows you to have different lease times for different pools.

This Pull Request (PR) fixes the following issues

Fixes #224

Extend support for event clauses to global, pool and pool6

Pull Request (PR) description

The event handlers are currently only supported for dhcp::host (see #216). These handlers can also exist globally in dhcpd.conf or in the pool definition dhcpd::pool and dhcpd::pool6. This PR extends support to these cases

This Pull Request (PR) fixes the following issues

Fixes #251