Name Description Last Sync
puppet-boolean An actual Boolean property for Puppet almost 2 years ago
puppet-allknowingdns Tiny DNS server for IPv6 Reverse DNS about 1 year ago
puppet-corosync Sets up and manages Corosync. about 1 year ago
puppet-gerrit gerrit puppet module about 1 year ago
puppet-dotnet puppet module for managing Microsoft .NET 4 months ago
puppet-ghost Puppet module to install and manage Ghost 4 months ago
puppet-appd_db_agent Puppet module for installing and configuring AppDynamics Database Agent 4 months ago
puppet-autofs Puppet Module for autofs 4 months ago
puppet-cron Puppet module to manage cron jobs via /etc/cron.d 4 months ago
puppet-drbd Basic module for configuring active-passive drbd resources about 1 year ago
puppet-caddy Puppet Caddy module 4 months ago
puppet-cassandra Installs Cassandra & DataStax Agent on RHEL/Ubuntu/Debian. 4 months ago
puppet-etherpad Puppet Module to install and configure etherpad about 1 year ago
puppet-bird Manage bird Internet routing daemon with puppet about 1 year ago
puppet-gluster Create and manage Gluster pools, volumes, and mounts 4 months ago
puppet-filemapper Map files to puppet resources and back about 1 year ago
puppet-git_resource over 1 year ago
puppet-dhcp Puppet module for deploying dhcp 4 months ago
puppet-dropbear Manage dropbear with puppet 4 months ago
puppet-ferm Puppet module to manage the ferm firewall tooling over 1 year ago
puppet-collectd Collectd module for Puppet 4 months ago
puppet-gitlab_ci_runner Module to mange gitlab CI runners. Extracted from 4 months ago
puppet-facette A module to manage about 1 year ago
puppet-googleauthenticator Google-authenticator module for Puppet 4 months ago
puppet-community_kickstarts Community provided kickstart files 4 months ago
puppet-grafana Puppet module to manage Grafana 4 months ago
puppet-confluence A puppet module to install confluence 4 months ago
puppet-fail2ban This module installs, configures and manages the Fail2ban service. 4 months ago
puppet-fetchcrl Installs and Configures fetch-crl along with IGTF certificates. about 1 year ago
puppet-alternatives Manage Debian alternatives links 4 months ago
puppet-gitlab Puppet module to manage Gitlab (Omnibus) 4 months ago
puppet-check_mk Install and configure check_mk agent and Nagios plugin 4 months ago
puppet-amanda Puppet module for amanda about 1 year ago
puppet-bareos Puppet Module to manage bareos 4 months ago
puppet-borg Puppet module to deploy borgbackup with helpful CLI wrappers for backup & restore 4 months ago
puppet-iproute2 Puppet providers for the iproute2 commands over 2 years ago
puppet-graphite_powershell about 1 year ago
puppet-misp This module installs and configures MISP (Malware Information Sharing Platform) 4 months ago
puppet-proxysql Puppet module to configure ProxySQL 4 months ago
puppet-lldpd Module to manage lldpd package, service and facts 4 months ago
puppet-hiera Hiera hierarchy module for templating `hiera.yaml` 4 months ago
puppet-mumble Puppet module to install and manage a Mumble server about 1 year ago
puppet-prometheus Puppet module for prometheus 4 months ago
puppet-network Types and providers to manage network interfaces 4 months ago
puppet-keepalived Puppet Module to manage Keepalived 4 months ago
puppet-nodejs Puppet module to install nodejs and global npm packages 4 months ago
puppet-homeassistant Puppet Module for Home Assistant - home automation platform. 4 months ago
puppet-jolokia Install jolokia agents, and configure about 1 year ago
puppet-healthcheck Puppet resources to evaluate the health and status of things. 4 months ago
puppet-jenkins_job_builder Puppet module to install OpenStack jenkins_job_builder 4 months ago
puppet-nscd Configure /etc/nscd.conf and nscd. 4 months ago
puppet-prometheus_reporter A prometheus Puppet reports exporter for Puppet 4 months ago
puppet-make Puppet module for installing make about 1 year ago
puppet-jira Atlassian JIRA Puppet Module 4 months ago
puppet-kafka The kafka module for managing the installation and configuration of Apache Kafka 4 months ago
puppet-posix_acl A puppet module for POSIX ACLs over 1 year ago
puppet-mysql_java_connector This module manages the MySQL Java Connector (Connector/J). about 1 year ago
puppet-jenkins Puppet module for Jenkins 4 months ago
puppet-nrpe Puppet module for NRPE 4 months ago
puppet-mcollective MCollective Server and Client Puppet Module 4 months ago
puppet-logrotate Puppet logrotate module 4 months ago
puppet-minecraft Puppet - Minecraft: Separately maintained fork of brannan's puppet-module-minecraft 4 months ago
puppet-mrepo Puppet module for creating and managing RPM based repository mirrors. about 1 year ago
puppet-nginx Puppet Module to manage NGINX on various UNIXes 4 months ago
puppet-nsclient Module that will install the NSClient on Windows about 1 year ago
puppet-php Generic Puppet module to manage PHP on many platforms 4 months ago
puppet-openvpn OpenVPN module for puppet including client config/cert creation 4 months ago
puppet-metche Manage metche with puppet about 1 year ago
puppet-mongodb mongodb installation 4 months ago
puppet-module Puppet 4+ module to optionally configure and manage Puppet 4/5 package, config, agent, cert, and other tools. 4 months ago
puppet-rsyslog Puppet module for managing rsyslog 4 months ago
puppet-trusted_ca Puppet module to install additional root certificates on rpm and debian based linux systems 4 months ago
puppet-puppetboard Puppet module to install and manage puppetboard 4 months ago
puppet-rabbitmq RabbitMQ Puppet Module 4 months ago
puppet-tvheadend Puppet Module for TVHeadend 4 months ago
puppet-system Manage Linux system resources and services from hiera configuration 4 months ago
puppet-rhsm Puppet module for registering systems with RedHat. 4 months ago
puppet-wget A puppet recipe for wget, a useful tool to download arbitary files from the web 4 months ago
puppet-unattended_upgrades Unattended-upgrades for APT 4 months ago
puppet-vault_lookup 4 months ago
puppet-vmwaretools Puppet module to manage VMware Operating System Specific Packages for VMware tools installation. 4 months ago
puppet-report_hipchat Deprecated! 4 months ago
puppet-ssh_keygen Generation of ssh keys with ssh-keygen about 1 year ago
puppet-rundeck Module for managing the installatation and configuration of the rundeck orchestration tool 4 months ago
puppet-smokeping Puppet module to install and configure smokeping. Including target and slave definition 4 months ago
puppet-stackify 4 months ago
puppet-sftp_jail 4 months ago
puppet-visualstudio puppet module for managing Microsoft Visual Studio over 1 year ago
puppet-telegraf A Puppet module for installing and configuring InfluxData's Telegraf 4 months ago
puppet-snmp Puppet module to manage Net-SNMP. 4 months ago
puppet-windows_autoupdate Puppet module to manage Windows AutoUpdate 4 months ago
puppet-selinux Puppet Module to manage SELinux on RHEL machines 4 months ago
puppet-spiped spiped Puppet module over 1 year ago
puppet-virtualbox A Puppet module to install and manage VirtualBox 4 months ago
puppet-strongswan Puppet Strongswan Module 4 months ago
puppet-splunk Manage Splunk servers and forwarders using Puppet 4 months ago
puppet-puppetwebhook Manage the installation and configuration of the puppet_webhook gem 4 months ago
puppet-sslcertificate Puppet module to manage SSL Certificates on WIndows Server 2008 and upwards 4 months ago
puppet-stash A puppet module to install atlassian stash 4 months ago
puppet-tea Puppet 4.6 Types: Abstracted & Extracted 4 months ago
puppet-redis Puppet Module to manage Redis 4 months ago
puppet-squid Puppet module for configuration of squid caching proxy. about 1 year ago
puppet-windows_env Puppet module for managing Windows environment variables. about 1 year ago
puppet-windowsfeature Library that uses ServerAdministration api that comes with Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2012 to add / remove windows features 4 months ago
puppet-iis Module to mange IIS with Puppet about 2 years ago
puppet-syntax Syntax checks for Puppet manifests and templates about 2 years ago
puppet-xmlfile Xml file manipulation using augeas commands without using augeas about 1 year ago
puppet-winlogbeat 4 months ago
puppet-poudriere A Puppet module for managing Poudriere, the PkgNG build system. about 1 year ago
puppet-openvmtools Puppet module to manage Open Virtual Machine Tools intallation. 4 months ago
puppet-windows_firewall puppet module for configuring the windows firewall 4 months ago
puppet-groupmembership Manage a group's members with Puppet 4 months ago
puppet-python Puppet module for installing and managing Python, pip, virtualenvs and Gunicorn virtual hosts. 4 months ago
puppet-rvm A puppet module for installing and using RVM (Ruby Version Manager) 4 months ago
puppet-zabbix Puppet module for creating and maintaining zabbix components with puppet. 4 months ago
puppet-epel Setup/configure EPEL (extra repository for enterprise linux) with Puppet 4 months ago
puppet-yum Puppet module for Yum 4 months ago
puppet-prosody Puppet module for managing the Prosody Jabber/XMPP server 4 months ago
puppet-windows_power about 1 year ago
puppet-ipset Puppet module to manage ipset tooling and actual sets 4 months ago
puppet-jail FreeBSD Jails with Puppet about 1 year ago
puppet-staging ⛔️ Deprecated in favor of puppet-archive 4 months ago
puppet-pkgng A Puppet package provider for FreeBSD's PkgNG package manager. about 1 year ago
puppet-zypprepo Puppet description of a zypper repository 4 months ago
puppet-puppetserver Puppet module for puppetserver about 1 year ago
puppet-ldapquery Query an LDAP server using Puppet. 4 months ago
puppet-unbound Puppet module for deploying the swiss-army of DNS, Unbound 4 months ago
puppet-archive Compressed archive file download and extraction with native types/providers for Windows and Unix 4 months ago
puppet-pxe Puppet module for deploying a PXE boot server 4 months ago
puppet-mlocate Install mlocate and configure updatedb.conf 4 months ago
puppet-chrony Puppet module for Chrony with Systemd about 1 year ago
puppet-nsd An NSD module for Puppet 4 months ago
puppet-rkhunter Manage rkhunter installation and configuration with Puppet 4 months ago
puppet-config Module to configure puppet agent, apply, cert, lookup... companion to puppet_agent module about 1 year ago
puppet-windows_eventlog 4 months ago
puppet-earlyoom Installs and configures earlyoom about 1 year ago
puppet-erlang Puppet module to manage Erlang installation over 1 year ago
puppet-format Text formatting functions for puppet lang 4 months ago
puppet-firewalld Puppet module for managing firewalld 4 months ago
puppet-download_file Puppet define created that can be used to download files rather than needing to store binaries in puppet repos about 1 year ago
puppet-hyperglass Puppet module to manage the hyperglass looking glass about 1 year ago
puppet-r10k Setup and configure r10k for use with git based environments in puppet about 1 year ago
puppet-cvmfs Puppet module for cvmfs 4 months ago
puppet-dbbackup configure dump scripts for mysql, postgres and ldap 4 months ago
puppet-example An example Puppet repository to test out automation and coding styles 4 months ago
puppet-extlib This module provides functions that are out of scope for stdlib. 4 months ago
puppet-hashi_stack This module contains shared code for various HashiCorp modules 4 months ago
puppet-kmod manage kernel module with puppet 4 months ago
puppet-letsencrypt A Puppet module to install the Letsencrypt client and request certificates. 4 months ago
puppet-mosquitto Puppet module to manage Eclipse Mosquitto 4 months ago
puppet-msoffice puppet module to manage Microsoft Office on Windows (2003-2013) 4 months ago
puppet-nftables Puppet Module to manage nftables firewall rules. 4 months ago
puppet-nomad Puppet module for managing Nomad 4 months ago
puppet-openldap Manage OpenLDAP with Puppet 4 months ago
puppet-openssl Puppet OpenSSL module 4 months ago
puppet-pbuilder Pbuilder module for Puppet 4 months ago
puppet-postfix Puppet postfix module 4 months ago
puppet-puppet_summary puppet module to manage puppet-summary 4 months ago
puppet-systemd Puppet module to manage systemd 4 months ago
puppet-wireguard Puppet module to setup wireguard with systemd 4 months ago