GitHub puppet-poudriere
A Puppet module for managing Poudriere, the PkgNG build system.

Metadata Valid
No translation
Correct Puppet Version Range
Supported Puppet version range is %{PUPPET_VERSION_RANGE}
With Puppet Version Range
Puppet version range is present in requirements in metadata.json
With Operatingsystem Support
No translation
Supports Only Current Freebsd
No translation
Supports Latest Freebsd
No translation
In Modulesync Repo
No translation
In Plumbing
Is in plumbing
Has Secrets
Has a .sync.yml file
Has a .msync.yml file
Latest Modulesync
No translation
Has Modulesync
Is present in voxpupuli/modulesync_config/managed_modules.yml
Is in modulesync_config and in forge releases.
Reference Dot Md
The repository has a It needs to be generated / puppet-strings documentation is missing.

Open Pull Requests

Prefer optional non-empty strings

Pull Request (PR) description

Instead of using empty strings for optional values, change the data type
to Optional[String[1]] to ensure that either a valid String is provided
or no value is passwd.

A side effect is that these parameters cannot be set explicitely undef
by the end user if they have a default value, and $poudriere::zpool is
concerned by this. But since this default value is bogus, change it to
undef to avoid the issue.

This Pull Request (PR) fixes the following issues

Fixes parts of #52