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Open Pull Requests

Refactor manifests

The following classes still have to be refactored:
- [ ] config.pp
- [ ] server.pp
- [ ] repo/apt.pp
- [ ] repo/rhel.pp

The classes apt.pp and rhel.pp depend on pr #797.

I also need to know which Mirror we want to use as default and change the GPG key. I would like to use Bintray, because it provides packages for Erlang.

Because of the many changes to the code we will have to release a major release anyway.

[WIP] Add CentOS/RHEL 8 Support

Pull Request (PR) description

This PR adds support for installing RabbitMQ on CentOS 8 / RHEL 8.
Also added back into the README information to the end-user about the need to use an external erlang module on RHEL systems.

This Pull Request (PR) fixes the following issues

Fixes #816

Closes #826

Changed rabbitmq_queue regex

Pull Request (PR) description

Changed regex for rabbitmq_queue parameter.
Queues and vhosts are able to have spaces in their names, so the regex is to restrictive.

Add auto cluster configuration support
  • added clustername fact and spec tests for it
  • added rabbitmq_cluster type and provider with tests

Thank you for contributing to this project!


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This Pull Request (PR) fixes the following issues

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Fixes #123
Fixes #124

Fix rabbitmq_plugin to correctly detect implicitly enabled plugins

Pull Request (PR) description

Previously, rabbitmq_plugin was retrieving a list of existing plugins by querying for "explicitly" enabled plugins using the rabbitmq-plugin -E command. This caused us issues when adding support for CentOS/RHEL8 where we noticed that in this mode, ordering of plugins matters.

Example of the scenario we saw:

In this spec test:

The following plugins are declared:
rabbitmq_plugin { [ 'rabbitmq_federation_management', 'rabbitmq_federation' ]:
ensure => present

The rabbitmq_federation_management plugin depends on rabbitmq_federation, so when our code enables rabbitmq_federation_management it will automatically enable rabbitmq_federation, but mark it as being "implicitly" enabled because it was enabled as a result of enabling rabbitmq_federation_management.

Then, when go to query for the list of enabled plugins using the -E option, this only lists our "explicitly" enabled plugins, so rabbitmq_federation is never listed and every time we run Puppet it attempts to enable the plugin, breaking idempotency.

The fix

The rabbitmq-plugin command has two options -E to list only "explicitly" enabled plugins and -e to list both "explicitly" and "implicitly" enabled plugins. The fix was simply to switch to this other flag. Along the way i refactored the code to reduce duplication and added lots of unit tests for more test coverage.


For more info you can see the CentOS/RHEL 8 PR where this was discovered:

Change repos_ensure default from false to true

Pull Request (PR) description

As part of the work i was doing to enable CentOS/RHEL 8 support in #842 i ran into an issue where EPEL no longer ships RabbitMQ packages. In that PR i had made some hacky fixes to enable the RabbitMQ repos, via the repos_ensure parameter, by default on that OS. After some discussions it was decided that we should instead, simply change the default value of repos_ensure to true on all OSes.

Note: This is a breaking change!

Fix rabbit version discovery with newer RabbitMQ

The output of "rabbitmqctl -q status" has changed, and the version
detection is now broken in this module. As a consequence, the puppet
providers are all broken because they aren't using the much needed
--no-table-headers option for rabbitmqctl.

This patch fix this problem. It's been tested in Debian unstable
and Bullseye, which includes rabbitmq-server 3.8.9.