GitHub puppet-squid
Puppet module for configuration of squid caching proxy.

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Puppet version range is present in requirements in metadata.json
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Supports Latest Freebsd
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In Plumbing
Is in plumbing
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Has a .sync.yml file
Has a .msync.yml file
Latest Modulesync
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Has Modulesync
Is present in voxpupuli/modulesync_config/managed_modules.yml
Is in modulesync_config and in forge releases.
Reference Dot Md
The repository has a It needs to be generated / puppet-strings documentation is missing.

Open Pull Requests

modulesync 3.0.0 & puppet-lint updates

modulesync 3.0.0

Change the way SELinux is applied for portnumbers

When declaring serveral httpports with different IP's, but the same portnumber a resource conflict would arise on the selinux-part. Changed the selinux::port to an "ensureresource", hence fixing issue #120.

Workaround for duplicate resource http_port #120

This is a rebase ontop of master for:
The review comment from @ekohl has been adressed in the process.

The module is now able to handle multiple server
declarations for the same port on different IPs.